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Can you get hypnotised over the phone?

Only if you want to.

I usually do hypnotherapy over Facebook Messenger video, for just because you're not in Brisbane, doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to the most effective combination of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming in Australia

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How many sessions will I need to stop smoking?

I offer free backup sessions for life - so if you ever do start smoking again, just let me know.
(Preferably before it becomes a daily habit, but even if it has become a daily habit again...)

7 out of 10 people stop smoking for life after just one ...

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What will being hypnotised feel like?

Well, this is a hard question to answer, because it really is different for different for different people.

One thing it doesn't feel like - is being unconscious. In fact, when you are undergoing hypnosis, I think it's best if you feel hyper-conscious; or m...

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What Hypnosis is not!

There are many common fears and misconceptions about hypnosis dramatised by books and movies, or from having seen or heard about outlandish behaviour induced by a stage hypnotist.

The most common fears are centred around losing control over one's own mind, revealing priva...

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What is the psychology of hypnosis?

To lay out the entire psychology of hypnosis would be an extraordinary undertaking, but here is a concise answer.

Hypnosis is defined as "an altered state of consciousness in which suggestibility is heightened".

There are multiple types of hypnotic states, ...

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What is hypnotherapy good for? (Continued)

Sometimes we reinforce negative patterns of behaviour by acting in ways that ensure results that reaffirm them. We don't consciously intend to do this, of course, but our subconscious is running 88% of our mind, so it's pretty strong and usually gets it...

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What is hypnotherapy good for?

Hypnosis is useful for a great number of things. Most people are aware of its usefulness in changing undesirable habits, such as smoking or nail-biting. It is also useful for helping get the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that works on "auto-pilot" beyond ...

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a word designated to identify "the process trained professionals use to assist a person to achieve a deeper level of focus than one does automatically, or during meditation".

Your mind is in a light-to-medium level of focus when you are concentrating on work, read...

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Why Do People find it so hard to Quit Cigarettes?

Everyone knows cigarettes are not good for them. Everyone knows they are outrageously expensive.
So, why do people continue to smoke?
We are all different but our reasons are often similar:
• No willpower.
• Uncomfortable withdrawals.
• Life i...

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5 months ago
Ok so if you are ready to quit cigarettes, like really quit for life, I cant recommend Luke enough!! I had tried a few ways to kick my habit but nothing ever stuck, finally I asked Luke for help. Not only have I not even thought of smoking in all my usual environments since our one session, I feel like I have moved beyond a lot of internal turmoil that was hiding behind it effortlessly through the process of working with Luke. He felt safe to open up and be honest with myself with, he really listened and supported me to reach my goals and I am looking forward to explore other issues and habits with him.
- Zan L
2 years ago
I was a smoker for many years and i had tried everything to stop. I am now totally smoke free, thanks to Luke and his techniques. He took his time to understand me, to go through the root causes for my smoking and then addressed them. His calm demeanour and reassuring voice is so helpful. I highly recommend him if u are ready to stop. I have a fuller, healthier life, thanks to him
- Happily E
2 years ago
Being a HUGE skeptic and with zero willpower I gave Luke a call as I had nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain. Well I'm absolutely blown away with the results! Luke made me feel at ease as he went through the process and questions about why I wanted to stop. I walked out of there as a NON SMOKER, no cravings, no withdrawals and over the next couple of weeks no short temper, no cravings, nothing. The best investment I've made bar none! Thank you Luke and I highly recommend this route for anybody wanting to stop smoking and actually have money.
- Mark R

More than just Stop Smoking - for life

I realised very early on in my career that smoking is often a symptom that has been connected to an underlying emotional issue, and so I focus on disconnecting the habit of smoking from that emotional trigger.

Because of this, I have often helped in alleviating the way in which my clients respond to those feelings and emotions in ways that help them in many other areas, while also stopping smoking.

Addictions, phobias, obsession, compulsive behaviour, motivation and weight loss - Change whatever is holding you back in life.

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